Keyboard Controls Powerup Spells
Arrow Left/Right: Walk
Arrow Up : Enter door
Arrow Down : Duck / Invisible Spell
Control or Space : Jump
P : Pause
S : Start Game
R : Resume Game
F2 : Redefine Control Keys (in game)
Higher Jump - just that little bit further.
Invisibility - press duck to use, you can't move tho'.
Double Jump - press jump again at highest point of jump.
Flame Resistance - walk through fire.
Helper Sprite - banish everyone in your path.
Restore Spell - get back those hard earned spells.

Guide Wizio the Wizard as he journeys through a magical land. Collect the potions as you go to create spells that will help you on your way. Use the keys to enter locked doors and hidden treasures. Throw the levers to get to reveal new routes and bonuses.

Game Features:

* Pixel perfect collision detection.
* A timing routine to enable the game to play at a similar speed on different machines.
* Lots of potions.
* Automatic 'Save Game' feature using cookies (IE only unfortunately).
* Ability to run as a stand alone application (this will be made available as a download when the game is finished).
* More potions.
* Control keys kept to a minimum to simplify gameplay.
* Ability to redefine the playing keys in game (keys are saved using the cookie feature, again, IE only at present).
* Doors, keys, levers, bonus rooms, powerups, spells, moving platforms, hidden bonuses, etc.
* Yet more potions, and a few stars thrown in!

Not working? Problems? Comments? -- Please drop me a mail with any feedback you have.
Wiz3 is brought to you by the number 14,991,338,361,953,636,352 and the colour Isabelline.